19th Century Photographic Processes

Palm Press has published more than 50 portfolios and special edition books since 1977. One of the earliest is “19th Century Photographic Processes”, which has been in continuous production and is certainly and literally unique. A powerful teaching tool for photography, art history, and libraries, the physical presence of each image is more thoroughly informative than any description or reproduction. And the accompanying descriptive material provides insight into the physical process and it’s historical implications. Each portfolio has 12 vintage examples archivally matted to 15x12”; the “prints” are actual 19th century specimens of common processes from the time. The processes included are:


Salt Print
Albumen Print
Albumen Carte de Visite

Albumen Cabinet Card
Albumen Stereograph
Platinum Print


By its very nature every portfolio has 12 different images with no duplication! As this material has become harder to find and much more expensive, we are announcing the availability of 30 remaining portfolios after which no more will be assembled. The next 4 portfolios are priced at $2500 each after which the price increases to $3000 for the next 10 and $3500 for the final 10. You can review the available image thumbnails (click on the thumb to enlarge) to create your portfolio or we will make a selection for you. The selected originals will be held for you for 48 hours until you make arrangements for payment or an institutional purchase order. Don't hesitate to request further information.